Cyberfit arena
CYBERFIT is our IP that we are working on this year. Our dream is to change the sports industry and give people a new VR experience.
Coming soon
Dance loop VR is a rhythm VR game where you travel fantastic realms and break moving data cells to the energetic soundtrack by Yandex Music.
Party pumper
Born in the vibrations of music, Party Pumper is a game about parties and for parties!
Player's goal is to entertain the audience by mixing music samples. Combine this with dance movements and fun party gadgets action, interact with the partygoers crowd and pump the party!
This is a VR platform designed to work with teenagers with autism spectrum disorders. An innovative solution that allows a teenager to study in virtual reality and develop social and practical skills with the help of ABA specialist.Our development includes a VR app and a Mobile app controlled by a web platform. Every part of the platform is done considering HIPAA Compliance.
Bullet Roulette
Our main current VR game. Bullet Roulette is a fun and original multiplayer game for four people. A game that has over 15 million organic views on YouTube and a large community.
Desirium is an Oculus Go/Viveport app that packages 15+ VR experiences into a single portal. Offering a welcome mat to all users of mobile VR, Desirium offers its content in levels of intensity from “Beginner” to “Master”, with entirely different experiences living behind each option.
About us
Publishing and marketing expertise
9 years on the VR market
We self-publish our products across all major platforms: Steam, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, VIVEPORT, Pico.
We have extensive experience in hardware and software development for VR/AR technologies. We have a vast number of our own solutions and know-hows that allow us to create games and products of various genres quickly.
Recognition of our games around the world
Innovative VR/AR technologies
Our cardboard VR games were the only ecosystem of this scale for the first mobile VR headsets. Our new VR games have over 20 million organic views on YouTube and have become memes in the VR gaming industry.
We develop complex technological platforms and solutions
Join Fibrum team
To create unique projects
Fibrum is looking for both experienced and ambitious talents to join our exciting VR projects. Engaging projects, an indie-studio atmosphere, fully remote work and flexible hours.
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Tell us about your VR project and we will try to make the best VR solution on the market for you.