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Starving for some excitement, but have no time to go parachuting? Desiring more than just conventional video games? Craving for new experiences, but reluctant to get into extreme sports? We have a solution – FIBRUM – a virtual reality headset, a must-have for everybody. No need to buy pricey hardware - your smartphone's screen is the used as the VR display. FIBRUM is completely wireless and is compatible with a number of accessories: gamepads, headphones, etc. Virtual Reality is now within an easy reach. Welcome to the future!

Virtual Reality

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Alongside with our partner-studios we have developed a multitude of games and VR apps. New titles are being added weekly to speed you on your journey into the virtual worlds!

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The future is now!

Full Virtual Reality immersion without leaving home! Only those who didn’t get the VR headset will regret. Order FIBRUM right now to dive straight into dazzling worlds of breath-taking adventure!


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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality greeting cards Fibrum - a modern product that uses the power of new technologies to create a new consumer experience.

Image comes to life with the cards on the screen of your mobile device.

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Virtual reality for everyone is a concept at the base of FIBRUM. Our mobile headset was designed to shift the standards of gaming industry and bring fantasy and wonder, previously seen only on the movie-screens, into everyday life. FIBRUM is engaged in VR headset manufacture as well as VR apps and games development.


The full immersive: businessman from Kazan changes the world via mobile virtual reality headset.

High-Tech Mail

Russian mobile virtual reality headset is already available for sale.

Look At Me

"Unfortunately Zuckerberg didn't buy us": Who prepares Russian response to Oculus Rift?

The Wall Street Journal

A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality. Donning a headset to enter a 3D world is no longer science fiction.

Russian Matrix, the view from the outside. The desk of tested the mobile virtual reality headset developed by Russian startup Fibrum.


VR headset Fibrum is already in Russian retail chain re:Store.


Virtual reality headsets Fibrum are available now.

Цукерберг Позвонит

Made in Russia: Mobile virtual reality headset Fibrum was presented at the SEO Conference in Kazan.


Fibrum is a Russian company - producer of the mobile virtual reality headsets and developer of the mobile VR applications.



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